Monument Creation Season

The months of March, April, and May are the busiest months of the year for our monument business. That’s because it tends to be the time of year that people focus on memorializing either those that have passed in the last year or they look toward the future and plan for their own needs. Our company will produce over half of the memorials we’ll do in a year during those three months, so one might expect the reason I like those months so much is because that’s when we’re the most productive. But I actually like it for another reason—it’s the people.

This is the time of the year when I have the most contact with the public. I get the pleasure of learning about someone’s life almost daily and what they mean to the people in it. I get to see a different side of people I may know or sometimes I get to explore the lives of people I’ve never met. Memorial creation is a time when we focus on the good in someone and how much we value them and look past the shortcomings we all have. It doesn’t matter if the person is/was a doctor, lawyer, teacher, stay-at-home parent, mechanic, farmer, rancher, or a used car salesperson. Everyone is pretty much on equal ground when it comes to how their friends and family view the good in them and how these people touched our lives and made us better even if it was just once. And luckily, I’m the guy who gets to help everyone realize just how special the people being memorialized are.

It’s not really fair to the rest of the working world, but the best part of my job is that every day is rewarding. To me, every person’s life matters, and we get the opportunity to remember that person’s life with a memorial.