What is a memorial made of?

Memorials should be made of bronze, granite, or Georgia Marble. There are other types of materials that some companies offer, but they do not hold up over time. We choose not to use these materials as they cannot be guaranteed. Granites vary in grades and clarity much like diamonds. The quality of a memorial is extremely important to our customers, so we provide premium granites. We have also selected Georgia Marble because of its interlocking molecular structure. Other marbles are granular like a sugar cube and wear over time.

What colors do granite memorials come in?

Granite memorials come in hundreds of colors. Since granite is a natural material its color may vary slightly depending on depth or section of the quarry. Try to choose a color not only based on what you like but also on what might work best for your design and particular cemetery. Some cemeteries in Nebraska and Kansas have water with large mineral deposits that lead to a buildup on the stone. In those areas you would want to use a lighter color granite or Georgia Marble to combat those water problems.

What does a memorial cost?

The price of a memorial will vary depending on your desires. Things that figure into the cost of a memorial include its material, size, color, shape, polished areas, and unique customization. Our memorial counselors are experienced and can help you create a special memorial based on your individual budget. When we price a memorial, we include the lettering, setting, the foundation, and all Nebraska taxes.

What type of shapes do memorials come in?

Memorials come in all sizes and shapes. There are four basic types of memorials usually sold in Nebraska and Kansas: flushers, bevels, slants, and uprights.




Flushers or flat markers are those memorials that you see “flush” with the ground. They are made of granite, Georgia Marble, or bronze. They are most common in the “flush or flat” sections of the cemeteries.



Bevels are those memorials that are slightly taller in the back than the front and have a “beveled” lettering face. They are usually 6–8 inches at their tallest point in the back and around 4–6 inches at the front. They are sold in granite or Georgia Marble.




Slants are those memorials that are wedge shaped. They normally stand about 16 inches tall and give you a slanted front and straight backside that you can letter. They can be purchased in granite or Georgia Marble.




Uprights are the memorials that are most common. They are larger than the other three types of stones in the cemetery. They are usually two parts consisting of a tablet and a base. They come in standard, special, and custom shapes and offer more area for lettering and design. These types of memorials are normally made of granite or Georgia Marble.



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